Mathew Grade

"A Fresh Take on Technology"

This journey began in elementary school when I learned how frustrating it can be to need assistance with a computer and have none available. I went on to grow my familiarity with technology through High School and then by earning an Associate in Applied Sciences at Bismarck State College.

Since 2009, I've been assisting people with their personal devices and helping run IT operations for non-profit organizations and large multi-state corporations. After almost ten years in the industry, I've arrived at a takeaway:

People and Legacy. Those are the things which matter most. I enjoy building practical things that make people's lives better, easier, less complicated and that last a long time. Because that's what legacy is all about, right? Creating something that outlasts us.

And so, after waiting a long time for the right time, Northern Lights Digital is finally here. It's founded on my desire to do what's right, and to provide service in a way that sets well with my conscience. If you need help with your computer or WiFi or smart devices or printers or any other gadgetry you might have, please let me know. I'd be very glad to help.

Kind Regards,

Mathew Grade, Founder/IT Professional


Our Mission

To leave a lasting legacy by building systems and relationships that not only last, but outlast.

(From left to right - Mathew, Ryker, Erika, and Skylar)

(From left to right - Mathew, Ryker, Erika, and Skylar)